Post-Congress Excursions

Post-Congress excursions will take you to historic and scenic sites of Switzerland.

Excursion to Lucerne & Pilatus

Visit Lucerne, the city of lights situated on the famous Lake Lucerne, and the famous Mount Pilatus that overshadows the city. Travel by boat across the lake to Alpnachstad, where the steepest rack-and-pinion railway in the world awaits you. After a 30-minute trip up to the summit of Mount Pilatus, the most wonderful panorama will open up in front of you. And with luck you will also discover wild mountain goats and marmots on the rocky ground or eagles and mountain crows in the sky. In Lucerne you will have the opportunity of participating in a guided tour of the city and wandering through the historic streets.


© Beat Brechbühl/Luzern Tourismus

Chocolat Cailler and Gruyère

The tour will take you to the Cailler chocolate factory in Broc and to historic Gruyère. In an interactive tour you will learn about the history of Swiss chocolate manufacturing, and you will taste the ingredients and various chololate products. The tour will continue with a visit of the nearby historic town and castle of Gruyère. Lunch will be served there, and you will be able to explore the picturesque townlet and enjoy the pristine scenery of the pre-alpine surroundings.